10 Credit Card Truths Hidden from the Majority of Americans

Paying Off Delinquent Debts Erases Them From Your Credit History

They Must Have Their Mail Searched

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Making late payments on your credit cards is one of the most detrimental actions you can take regarding your credit score, second only to filing for bankruptcy. Firstly, your credit score will suffer a significant blow, sometimes exceeding a decrease of 100 points. However, the repercussions extend far beyond that initial hit. Even if you manage to recover and settle your overdue debts completely, you cannot erase the fact that you were previously behind on payments. Late payments and account charge-offs remain on your credit report for a full seven years, regardless of whether you clear them in full. While the negative impact on your score diminishes over time, you cannot conceal the history of missed payments until they naturally expire from your report, typically after nearly a decade.

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