A cover to effectively protect your pool

The maintenance of the pool is often laborious, you must use a robot, a pump, a landing net to remove all the residues, the leaves… However, it is enough to buy equipment for these inconveniences to be eliminated. Indeed, a simple shutter can bring you the greatest satisfaction and it is also a safety device not to be neglected. To find out more , we advise you to contact a specialist who can study your request. 

Why install a cover for your swimming pool? 

The tarps are not always resistant, so they can lose their luster over the weeks and weather. In addition, they must be manually unrolled and tied down throughout the winter so that they are not blown away by the wind. With floating versions such as bubble covers, you will have the same problems. 

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  • The pool cover is often motorized, so you press a button so that it can be opened and closed very easily.
  • It is effective in limiting the maintenance of the swimming pool since the water cannot be soiled by leaves , earth, sand and all the pollution.
  • It is also a safety device not to be neglected since drownings are always numerous during the summer.

When the flap is closed and if a child steps on it, he will not end up in the water. Indeed, the blanket will be sturdy enough to withstand its weight and you avoid drama. A specific device is also in place to very easily roll up and unroll your shutter, which is designed with several blades. 

Whether for safety, comfort or even aesthetics, know that this shutter is very effective and you just need to make an estimate to quantify the amount of the installation carried out by a specialist.

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