Flames of the world: the best in terms of air conditioning

Flammes du Monde is a franchise that excels in the sale of various heating appliances. It also offers a wide range of reversible air conditioning. The latter has the particularity of producing cold air and hot air as needed. Depending on the heating mode, discover the air conditioning solutions offered by Flammes du Monde.

A better gas for air conditioning units

All air conditioners need a refrigerant gas or fluid to operate. It is vital that this gas has a low impact on the environment so as not to cause damage to the ozone layer. For you who don’t know, the most used gas is R410A and it has a negative impact on the environment. In order to overcome this problem, Flammes du Monde has marketed its brand new air conditioners running on R32 gas.

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This gas is a refrigerant and does not impact the ozone layer. In addition to being more efficient, it is very economical. R32 gas therefore preserves the environment better and is more ecological.

R32 type air conditioners

Given its many advantages, Flammes du Monde offers air conditioning solutions using R32 gas. Among the air conditioners available, you have the Takao range which contains several types. In the bundle, you can get wall-mounted air conditioners, indoor and sleek units. Reversible air conditioners provide you with exceptional comfort. With them, you will save on your energy consumption.

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In addition, the air conditioners using R32 gas from Flammes du Monde diffuse purified air, in absolute calm during the night. They are delivered with a remote control allowing you to set a timer as desired and several Wi-Fi connected solutions. With R32 air conditioners, you will be in possession of better technology that is used for both cooling and heating, while preserving the environment.

Where can you buy R32 air conditioners?

Air conditioners of this type are available in all Flammes du Monde sales outlets. All you have to do is go to one of the stores located near you and express your needs. The advisers are responsible for showing you the products and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

As far as salespeople are concerned, they provide all customers with a proposal adapted to your budget and your needs. As for the estimate, the structure offers it to you free of charge and well detailed. Flammes du Monde also offers several means of payment and a ten-year guarantee after the installation of its products.

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