How can I integrate a bathroom into a bedroom?

Have you ever thought of such an option? Let’s see how to fit the bathroom into the bedroom space.

Open bathroom

The open bathroom is combined with a bedroom in a spacious room, where the main thing is spacious.

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You will be able to walk everywhere unhindered and get extra space, saving on walls and partitions. The only drawback: if the room is designed for two people, you won’t be able to take a shower while the second is sleeping…

Closed bathroom for more privacy

In this case, the bathroom is in the same room as a bedroom, but separated by a partition.

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It can be a sliding door, a simple curtain or a partial partition between two zones. Fiberglass bulkheads are also used. Or you can zone the room with furniture and storage cabinets. Firstly, the space will be more private (which is very valuable for the partners’ different daytime regimes), and secondly, the bedroom will not receive additional humidity.

star podium

The open plan is ideal for the podium, which allows you to effectively highlight the space for a bathtub combined with the shower. The several centimeters high podium clearly emphasizes the bathroom and at the same time makes it possible to conceal sewage and water structures. The comfortable and beautiful catwalk creates an unusual space in which the main role is given to a design decision.

This custom layout is ideal for a vintage cast iron bath with curly leg figurine legs or a modern designer bath, depending on the style of the bedroom.

Paul solves everything

A unique single-color floor covering is ideal for covering a room where the bedroom is combined with an open bathtub and will combine the space. The advantage of this solution is visually smooth transitions between zones and freedom of movement.

It can be floor coverings, tiles or even, as a sign of special luxury, thick carpet.

And it’s true, a marital bathroom is so rare. a case where you can decide on such a floor: this bathroom is not for everyone and the place is not a passable place. Chic flooring will add comfort.

Italian shower

If you really appreciate freedom of movement and the unity of space, the Italian shower is the best solution. Most French women dream of such a soul: a spacious cabin at ground level. The walk-in shower is ideal for a married bedroom: the transparent partition will keep the feeling of space fully alive. The look can slide freely down to the part.

The walk-in shower can also allow you to enjoy a whirlpool bath or directed massage jets. Treat yourself to a relaxing session on the weekend or in the evening after a hard day…

Hot tub

The hot tub will help you relax after a long day, alone or maybe for two people.

A whirlpool tub located just steps from the bed is the perfect solution for a bridal bedroom. Water jets, massage bubbles, soft color lighting – If you have chosen a bath with chromotherapy… the choice of models is very wide. Take this opportunity to create a special atmosphere around the hot tub: several candles, elegant decor… for ready spa treatments!

The double sink is a great opportunity

Even if there are only two of you, you can interfere with each other in the bathroom, because everyone often needs a bathroom at the same time. The double sink will solve this problem by giving everyone a personal space where you always have the right accessories, cosmetics and products at your fingertips. No more fetching everything you need from the closet and then cleaning it up. Daily business takes less time and life becomes easier.

Boudoir atmosphere

Parisians know how much a woman needs a boudoir. It takes a long time to create it in the bathroom.

Put on an armchair, a sofa and a large mirror, and you’re set! Now you have the coziest corner where you can spend time taking care of yourself, getting together before going out, getting dressed, applying make-up and whatever else you want to be alone with yourself.

Smoother color transitions

Emphasizing colors is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create visual unity between the two areas. Choosing a single color palette for the bedroom and bathroom unites the space and ensures a unity of style.

Such a reception really works in a partially open space, which allows it to be completely covered in a single aspect, including the bathroom. Choice of color scheme — rampage of rich tones (red, purple, yellow) or gentle harmony of natural and pastel shades is entirely at your discretion.

Simple and designer bathroom

Usually, the bathroom is rather inconspicuous: a minimum of decorative items and individual touches. However, your bedroom offers a unique opportunity to fit into the space exclusively decorative items that can normally be seen in the living room or dining room.

XXL size carpet, unusual art, hanging chandelier or modern designer chandelier — treat yourself to the most courageous solutions to create your own bathroom character.

Bedroom Bathroom Options Memo:

  • Open bathroom
  • Closed room for more privacy
  • parade star
  • Paul solves everything
  • Italian shower
  • hot tub
  • Possibility of installing a double sink
  • Boudoir atmosphere
  • Smoother color transitions
  • Simple designer bathroom

Unusual art, hanging chandelier or modern design chandelier — treat yourself to the most courageous solutions to create your own bathroom.

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