How do I prevent cats from coming into my garden?

Are you one of those people who, when they return home, notice excrement or uprooted plants in your garden? Perhaps you can even observe a cat resting quietly in your garden, unaware of the hassle it may be causing your plants. The cat is an independent and daring mammal that will not hesitate to use your lawn as an XL size toilet or scratching post. But how do I prevent cats from coming into my garden? If only they could talk… Don’t panic, PlanetAnimal to the rescue! Read this article to the end to find out how to repel cats and thus prevent them from entering your home.

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Natural repellents for cats

If your neighbor’s cat is in the habit of using your garden for different purposes, it will be very difficult to expel him amicably. The cat sees your flower bed as a comfortable place to relieve themselves, or to leave a dead bird as a gift of your hospitality. “How do I stop a cat from pooping in my garden?” you may be wondering, read the following carefully!

If you have had enough and want to keep cats away from the garden, the best option would be to try using an easy-to-apply and harmless natural cat repellent to prevent the cat from wandering around your property . What smell do cats hate? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Water : As you already know, cats are not really friends with water . Installing automatic watering cans or watering your garden regularly will displease him. In the market, you can even find electronic devices with a motion sensor that squirts water.
  • Citrus : Citrus scents like lemon or orange are particularly uncomfortable for cats. Prevent it from entering your garden by filling a spray bottle with the juice of these fruits, you can also leave the peels in the areas that the cat usually uses, changing them every 2 or 3 days.
  • Be careful with food : if you suspect that he is coming to your house in search of food, close any garbage bags you may have outside.
  • Lavender and Thyme : Installing these types of plants will not only beautify your garden, but it is also an effective outdoor cat repellent.
  • Coffee grounds: spreading coffee grounds in the garden is a good recommendation according to many people who have suffered from this same problem.

If you decide to install a repellent plant for cats or an anti-cat plant, make sure that it is not a poisonous plant for cats ! To learn more about how to keep cats away, see our article ” How to scare cats away? ”

The combination of these natural cat repellents can finally get rid of unpleasant feline visits and prevent cats from entering your garden . If after using all these tricks, you still face the same problem, read the rest of this article.

How do I prevent cats from coming into my garden? - Natural repellents for cats

How do I stop cats from pooping in my garden? – Other cat repellents

We recommended the use of natural products because many commercial and other repellents can cause serious health problems in cats and also make your garden sterile.

If you’re still determined to put an end to cats because none of the previous remedies worked for you, you can use some of these ideas to keep a cat out of your yard:

  • Black pepper, cayenne pepper, tabasco pepper or chilli pepper : these elements are all natural repellents for cats but even so, on PlanèteAnimale, we do not recommend their use because if they come into contact with the cat’s eyes, it can cause serious injuries and loss of vision.
  • Ground roughness : If you have a particular favorite area, you can add rocks, mistletoe leaves, or any other material to impede the cat’s access.
  • Commercial cat repellents : in stores you will find different types of repellents for cats, dogs, rats… It is important that you learn how to use them.

Make yourself an effective cat repellent to keep the cat out of your yard by following these steps:

  1. Take a cardboard box.
  2. Make small holes all over the surface.
  3. Put inside: mothballs, garlic cloves, orange peel and commercial repellents.
  4. Close the box properly with adhesive tape.
  5. Place one or more boxes in the areas of your garden most frequented by the cat.

The use of electric fences, ultrasound or toxic products is strongly discouraged and should not be allowed. It can happen that one of these elements ends up injuring not only an animal but also a child .

Remember that a cat does not understand, like a human, what is correct and what is not, and deprived of its natural environment, it must adapt to large urbanizations and cities. For this purpose, cats can put themselves in danger without even wanting to. For more on the subject, see our article ” How to get a cat down a tree? “.

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