How to effectively relieve pain with plants?

Many patients turn to alternative medicine analgesics to calm rheumatism, migraine, body aches, gastric ulcer, etc. These natural anti-inflammatories eradicate both the symptoms and the real causes of discomfort. Better, they generate almost no side effects. Discover some tips for effectively relieving pain with analgesic plants.

Choosing the right analgesic plants for specific use

Users should favor natural anti-inflammatories that relieve the ailments from which they suffer. They must select them according to their virtues and their roles. Wintergreen  is effective against cramps  as well as muscle and joint pain due to tendonitis. Blackcurrant leaves are valuable allies against osteoarthritis. Officinal  lavender calms  ENT disorders such as otitis. As for  basil,  it fights gastritis. Patients can use  Scots pine  to halt any inflammatory activity due to sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or bronchitis. turmeric _  heals gastric ulcer while liquorice eliminates digestive pain. Birch  sap  is a perfect antidote against cystitis.

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Sage  is a reference  natural remedy against gingivitis, pharyngitis or canker sores. Parternal, mint and St. John’s wort relieve headaches. Dental pain disappears under the analgesic effects of cloves and noble laurel. Cat ‘s  claw  is very effective against stomach aches such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. The essential oils of rosemary with camphor and wintergreen combined with that of niaouli relieve muscle pain. As for  chamomile , it soothes skin problems and eye inflammations such as conjunctivitis. Devil ‘s  claw , blackcurrant leaves, tops of  meadowsweet, horsetail and bamboo sap have effective anti-inflammatory properties against joint problems.

Betting on natural analgesics for general well-being

These anti-inflammatories calm almost all pain and attack the symptoms of several other diseases. Wild  hemp   is among the most popular pain-relieving herbs in this category Its effectiveness results from its high content of cannabidiol or  CBD . This non-psychoactive substance relieves neuropathic and emotional pain related to multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer, etc. It fights anxiety, stress and depression. It also strengthens the immune system. Its side effects on the body remain insignificant. The French guide to CBD  makes it easy to find  quality cannabidiol  in the form of oils,  resins ,  flowers ,  capsules , infusion ,  creams , etc.

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Aloe vera  is also one of the essential analgesic plants in alternative medicine. It represents a tonic and invigorating food supplement very effective against several diseases. Its nutritious gel relieves pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, back pain, etc. It is an exceptional antidote against alcoholism. This natural anti-inflammatory is applied to the skin to eradicate solar erythema, fungal infections and other skin infections. It also promotes rejuvenation of body cells. Finally, aloe vera is also an excellent remedy against bronchitis, asthma, diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver. Similarly, the  white willow is one of the analgesic plants par excellence. It calms almost all inflammatory pain. It is very effective against stressful periods and migraines.

Favor analgesic plant concentrates

The active ingredients of natural painkillers are often found in buds, leaves, flowers, barks and rhizomes. Users do not necessarily need to cultivate these medicinal herbs to benefit from their benefits. They can obtain  analgesic plant extracts from  pharmacies, pharmacies and botanists. These concentrates of natural anti-inflammatories remain available in different forms.

  • Many suppliers offer  CBD oils, capsules and resins  to ease pain. You can buy cannabidiol-based creams and ointments for massages.
  • Patients can obtain  essential oils  made from lavender, wintergreen, basil, Scots pine, noble laurel, camphor rosemary and wintergreen for pain relief.
  • Pharmacies also offer capsules of chamomile, cat’s claw, etc.

Most  medicinal plants  remain available in the form of leaves, flowers, seeds or roots to be infused. Patients should resp

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