Is a heat pump effective in very cold weather?

Your home is equipped with a heat pump and you are worried about not being able to benefit from efficient and comfortable heating this winter, particularly in the event of negative temperatures? We answer all your questions about the behavior of this heating system in extreme cold!


How efficient is a heat pump in winter?

You should know that not all heat pump models are equal when it comes to the cold . 

Thus, the aerothermal heat pump (air-air or air-water) remains the most sensitive . Indeed, it heats the dwelling by capturing the calories present in the outside air. In the event of cool or even negative temperatures, its performance is logically reduced, while its energy needs increase. It therefore appears necessary that your heat pump be adapted to the climate of your region . Thus, some equipment can remain efficient down to -20°C, to equip homes located in the coldest areas.

On the contrary, the geothermal heat pump suffers little from the cold , because the temperature of the ground, where it draws the heat, varies only very little. The same is true for the hydrothermal heat pump, which uses calories from the water table.

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Up to what temperature does an air-water heat pump operate?

Technically, a heat pump can withstand negative outside temperatures down to -10°C . The most efficient models can go down to -18°C.

👉 Efficiency of the heat pump and thermal insulation are closely linked! So, very cold or not, this type of heating will never be efficient enough in a thermal sieve!


Is additional heating necessary in addition to a heat pump in very cold weather?

Again, it all depends on where you live and what equipment you have . Thus, if you have an aerothermal heat pump and you have to face a long and harsh winter every year, it is better to use a backup heater. This relay can be a wood stove (logs or pellets), an electric heater or even a gas boiler .

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In summary, a heat pump is generally effective in heating a house, even in very cold weather. However, its performance can decrease considerably when the outside temperature is very low. It is therefore important to ensure that it is suitable for the climatic conditions of the region where it is used. Finally, it is also important to properly maintain and protect it to maximize its performance.


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