Misconceptions Surrounding the Middle Ages

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There are few eras in human history that have inspired the level of stories, rumors, fables, ornamentation, jewelry, and/or nostalgia as the Middle Ages. From the legend of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table to contemporary epics like Game of Thrones, or even fun, heroic journeys like A Knight’s Tale, the crowds have always thrilled to tales of noble kings, clever queens, simple peasants, knightly jousts, and fire-breathing dragons, to the point where numerous people dress up in bright colors for Renaissance Fairs. Year after year these medieval myths are regarded more and more as fact.

The “Dark Ages” were a unique time in history, for sure. However, while the Medieval era definitely was a lot darker, dirtier, and more dangerous place than what you find in 21st century life, it also wasn’t quite the cesspool of scum that people often make it out to be. Learn the truth about the Middle Ages, and don’t forget to SHARE these fun facts with your friends!

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The Truth Behind Middle Ages Misbeliefs

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