Motorized wheelbarrows: How to choose without making a mistake?

When you hear about a motorized wheelbarrow for the first time, it can make you smile! However, it is very practical when it comes to transporting heavy loads without making unnecessary efforts.
Wheelbarrows with combustion engine or electric motor, tipper, caterpillars or wheels… It is sometimes difficult to choose from among so many pieces of equipment the one you need.

The wheelbarrow: the ally of the garden

Among all the essential tools for the amateur or professional gardener, there is one that greatly facilitates the gardener’s task: the wheelbarrow.

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It allows you to transport everything you need for gardening: tools, soil, plants to set up in the garden… In short, it will save you time by avoiding unnecessary round trips for all your small jobs in the garden. the garden. Unless you have a tiny piece of land, a wheelbarrow is an essential tool for any self-respecting gardener.

The even more efficient motor wheelbarrow

By adding a motor, the wheelbarrow really becomes all-terrain. Uphill, downhill, on uneven or muddy ground, on hard-to-access paths, it allows you to carry heavy loads for you and reduces your fatigue. Your back and arms are thus relieved of the weight of the wheelbarrow and its load.
Handy, it slips easily into the alleys of the vegetable garden, without making ruts, because it remains very light (the empty weight of the smallest models is around 60 kg). It can support a lot of weight, from 100 to 500 kg depending on the model.

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Less effort, less muscle pain and a tenfold pleasure in gardening , that’s what the use of a motorized wheelbarrow promises you!

How to choose the right motorized wheelbarrow?

Such a tool is chosen according to the use that one makes of it, it is judicious to question oneself before stopping its choice on a model.
Where, when and how will I use it? What size trailer? For what payload? For what type of terrain? By answering these questions, you will be able to make the right choice of engine , mode of transport and unloading .

Wheelbarrow with combustion engine or electric wheelbarrow?

In the case of the wheelbarrow with motor, it is necessary to compare the power and the comfort of use according to the ground on which you will have to use it. On flat ground, on sloping ground or in a slippery environment, the engine will not necessarily be the same. The traction and adaptation capacity is also judged by the choice of the mechanical transmission device. Basically, the choice between a two- or three-wheel, four-wheel drive or tracked model (more for very large sites).

The electric: place in silence

The clean and quiet electric motor allows you to use your wheelbarrow wherever and whenever you want, in any circumstance. Neither exhaust emissions nor noise, so it is the ideal equipment for a medium-sized garden bordered by neighbors (in a housing estate for example).
Handy and compact, capable of transporting up to 100 kg without problem, it is easy to store in a corner of the garage. The only problem remains the charging time and autonomy (like all electric motors).

Thermal: power and autonomy

The internal combustion engine remains ideal for uneven or sloping ground. Its power and autonomy make it possible to carry heavy loads in complete safety.
Equipped with a four-stroke engine, this machine requires regular maintenance, just like other heat engines such as lawn mowers.
In use, thermal motorization produces significant noise, olfactory and above all environmental pollution, which can be a hindrance in its use if you want an organic vegetable garden.

Ease of movement and unloading

A trolley with three or four wheels?

Wheelbarrows with three wheels, almost all electric, are obviously less stable than those with four wheels. On steep terrain, or with heavy loads, 4 wheels will be preferable. On rough terrain, large diameter tires will increase maneuverability. Some models have tracks, but will be reserved for very heavy work such as earthworks or construction.

Consider ease of unloading

A detail not to be neglected, at the risk of running out with each unloading. Some operate like small dump trucks, with a tipping tank equipped with a hydraulic cylinder to facilitate the unloading of materials. They are preferred for heavy loads thanks to a larger load volume.

Top 3 motorized wheelbarrow models

Eurosystems thermal wheelbarrow flatbed with 192 L tank

A real transport tank is fitted to this wheelbarrow with a Carry 4-stroke 125 CC combustion engine. Equipped with four wheels ensuring exceptional stability, this powerful wheelbarrow with a maximum load of 100 kg offers an alternative for transporting large volumes. Cutting wood, rubble, will be transported without risk of falling thanks to the height of the bucket, with driving comfort thanks to the rubberized and swiveling rear wheels, even on uneven ground.

Greenworks electric wheelbarrow with tipping tank

A cordless electric motor for this space-saving Greenworks wheelbarrow equipped with a 40-volt lithium-ion battery with a charge time of 2 hours for 45 minutes of optimal use.

With its three wheels, it is a very easy to maneuver model with its swivel pneumatic front wheel. It’s not less than 100 kg of payloads easy to unload with its tilting tank equipped with a hydraulic cylinder for this two-speed wheelbarrow (forward and backward) that can evolve on all terrains at a maximum speed of 4 km/h .

Wheelbarrow Mini dumper ZI-RD300, the choice of the pros

Transporting heavy loads does not scare him! This versatile wheelbarrow supports up to 300 kg of payload thanks to its powerful 6.5 hp thermal engine. With the maneuverability of its 4-wheel drive, the mini dumper is truly off-road. Its three speeds allow it to be used on steep or uneven terrain without forcing it. With great autonomy thanks to its 3.6 liter tank, this wheelbarrow is the essential tool for heavy gardening work. With the ZI-RD300 Mini Dumper wheelbarrow, gardening work becomes child’s play!

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