Rare Titanic Photographs That’ll Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Many of the Crew Weren’t Sailors

They Must Have Their Mail Searched

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On the Titanic, individuals working as waiters, waitresses, and maids were collectively referred to as stewards. Among the 421 stewards on the ship, only 60 managed to survive, and notably, 48 of them were women. Featured in the image above is steward Thomas Whiteley, who sustained a broken leg from a piece of falling debris during his boarding of a lifeboat. Another stewardess, Violet Jessop, had experienced the collision of the RMS Olympic, Titanic’s sister ship, with a British warship the year prior. Remarkably, she survived that incident, the Titanic disaster, and the sinking of their other sister ship, the Britannic, four years later. Her extraordinary survival earned her the moniker “Miss Unsinkable.”

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