Wedding reception room: how to choose it?

Finding a reception hall is a very important step in planning a wedding. and Wedding reception room: how to choose it?  For the ceremony to be even more beautiful, you have to be able to choose the right one. Follow these few criteria to make the right choice.

The geographic location

Before choosing a room for your reception , you must do a good analysis. Above all, it must be easy to access. You certainly don’t want to see your guests go to great lengths as they come to share such a special moment with you. Opt for an easily accessible place, regardless of the means of transport used.

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Also, make sure that the ceremony and the site chosen for the reception are not too far apart. If for one reason or another the distance is necessary, make sure that the means of transport are available. If your ceremony is to take place in another city, find out about the availability of various accommodations.


The available space must be able to allow you to realize all your desires. The decoration, the tables for the guests must fit properly. Assess the square footage from outside to inside to get organized. This could allow you to have new ideas to give more color to the party. The Domaine de la Tuilière offers you unique rooms with pleasant outdoor spaces.

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This will also be the time to plan where to install the buffet , where the dance floor will be. If you have a little surprise for your guests outside, check if the size of the garden can comfortably accommodate your guests.

The number of guests

The number of places available may vary from one room to another. You will find some that only allow a certain number of guests. If you find yourself in this case, you will have to withdraw some of your guests. Find out about the possibilities offered.

For a private wedding with a limited number, you do not need to take the largest room. You will make significant savings. On the other hand, if the invitations are sent to the channel and the number of people expected is large, opt for a much larger space. Check with the venue manager for the possible configurations and the maximum number of guests possible.

The relationship between wedding theme and venue

The place you choose should perfectly reflect the theme you want to adopt. Wedding reception room: how to choose it?, Each guest, even if he did not know him, will be able to imagine him just by entering. Oriented on a chic and classy wedding? Bring your guests into this universe as soon as they arrive on site.

Do you prefer a royal or retro look? Organize your research around a castle or an old house. It will be much easier for you to achieve the desired effect.

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