What are the guarantees of home insurance?

Today there is a wide variety of insurance products. A number like home insurance becomes almost mandatory. Home insurance offers many guarantees and by extension interests many people. What are the guarantees included in home insurance? Response elements.

Water damage insurance

Water can cause serious damage to your home. This is why home insurance has provided coverage for water damage. This guarantee allows the insurer to cover damage caused by water damage. This coverage extends to the consequences of such damage to you, but also to your neighbour.

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Before being considered as water damage, the origin of the incident should be a water leak, a rupture of pipes, overflows (bathtubs, toilets, etc.) and blockages. Water infiltration, whether through the roof or otherwise, and damage due to frost (equipment placed outside your home) are also taken into account.

The warranty does not cover the repair of the origin of the damage . The search for the cause and the installation of new pipes are your responsibility.

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Glass breakage guarantee

This warranty reassures you about the protection of certain glass elements in the house. It is any glass element in the house that forms some physical barrier with the outside . In the event of breakage, cracks or any other accidental damage, these items are covered by the insurance contract. Thus, the glazed parts of doors, windows, etc. are taken into account.

Also, if these surfaces are damaged by hail, attempted break-ins and the fall of a projectile, they will be compensated. You could also negotiate an extended warranty for your aquariums, ceramic hobs, glass walls of ovens, etc. Although made of glass, the fixtures are not covered . So make sure they are maintained and replaced in the event of a claim.

The fire guarantee

Fire is known to be devastating. Home insurance therefore takes into account damage caused by fire. Before being taken into account, the fire must be of accidental or criminal origin. If the fire is deliberately caused, there is no chance that the insurer will be held liable.

In terms of damage taken into account, the guarantee protects your home , your personal property and any bodily injury caused by fire or smoke. It is important to qualify that the fire must first be due to conflagration, combustion or conflagration.

This warranty often provides explosion protection. Any damage due to an explosion or implosion is therefore covered. Better still, the damage caused by the intervention of the fire department is also covered.

natural disaster cover

Nature dictates its law at times. Thus, the occurrence of certain natural phenomena can cause significant damage to you. The insurer includes this kind of phenomena so that your feeling of security is complete.

All your belongings covered by the various guarantees of this insurance are also protected against natural disasters. This is a rare, exceptional event that leaves everyone powerless.

Natural disasters include floods, droughts, mudslides, and even avalanches. You can also count earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, landslides and landslides.

However, before entering into force, this guarantee must comply with the interministerial order declaring the state of natural disaster.

Theft guarantee

A theft from your home can have serious consequences. Such an event is supported, but only to a certain extent. It is essential that you provide proof of the burglary or theft.

So note the signs of break-ins , violence, climbing a wall, using false keys as evidence. The insurer may also require you to have a minimum of safety equipment before this cover takes effect. So don’t be surprised if you are required to have intruder alarms and a CCTV system.

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