What is the metal tip used for in the electrical outlet? Here is Its Unrecognized Function

In an electrical outlet, there are always 2 holes.

There we all agree.

But that’s not the only thing in there.

There is also a metal plug.

So what is this metal end for?

I admit that before asking my electrician…

…I didn’t really know the usefulness of this thing.

However, it is a very important part for the operation of the socket.

Here is what this metal end is used for in electrical outlets . Look :

1. What is it for?

The metal part that comes out of the socket is also called “the earth”.

Funny name, you say!

Well, not that much.

Indeed, this part is connected to the ground…so to the ground.

Today, all outlets in a home must be grounded.

It’s a matter of security.

Does it seem weird to you?

So I now explain to you why this is important.

2. A matter of home security

According to a 1969 law in France, there is a standard (NFC15-100).

This standard indicates that it is now mandatory that household sockets be earthed.

For what ?

Because this part is linked to your electrical panel.

And in the event of a problem or malfunction of a device, everything shuts down.

It is a protection for the user, especially if the device is defective or the wires are bare.

Thus, there is no risk of an electrical incident, of shock on a person or of electrocution.

Initially, this standard was only mandatory in water features:

Kitchen, bathroom, laundry…

Today all the rooms of a French house are concerned.

But in other countries it is not compulsory.

For example, in the United States, there are two types of sockets:

With or without soil. The standards there are not the same.

This is referred to as a type A or type B socket.

3. What should I do if I have ungrounded outlets in my home?

In absolute terms, don’t panic.

This is often the case in older homes.

However, these sockets work very well.

You can still connect some devices such as chargers or small devices.

However, be careful, the electrical system is probably no longer up to standard.

I advise you to have it changed quickly by a professional electrician.

Last tip

If you are in the process of making a purchase offer on an apartment whose sockets are not compliant, do not hesitate to lower the price.

Because you will have to change the entire electrical system at your expense…and I can tell you that it costs quickly.

In addition, the apartment is not up to standard.

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