10 Pregnancy Symptoms That Could Indicate You’re Expecting

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First, it’s important to note that pregnancy symptoms can manifest at varying times among different individuals. While some women may experience a wide range of pregnancy symptoms, others might encounter very few, or possibly none at all, until several weeks into their pregnancies, if at all.

With that said, here’s a timeline of average pregnancy symptoms based on a standard 28-day menstrual cycle:

  • Approximately 14 days after your last period: Conception
  • 17 days or later after your last period: You may start experiencing sensitivity to smell, tender breasts, fatigue, and an elevated basal body temperature.
  • Between 20 and 26 days after your last period: You might observe implantation bleeding and notice thicker cervical mucus.
  • Between 28 and 35 days after your last period: Frequent urination and mood swings could start, and you may also miss your period.
  • 35 days or more after your last period: Other pregnancy symptoms may commence at any point during the first trimester.

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